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About the Academy

Who We Are

Established back in 2008, our professional dance studio is definitely ranked amongst some of the bests and most popular studios in the surrounding area in this field of study.


With a true variety of workouts, programs and classes available, such as the Worship Arts teaching workshop session and annual creative arts, group classes, biblical teachings, we are a one-stop destination for anything and everything in the world for creative arts!


Why are we different?

While most typically an instructor at a class does not give individual attention to a member of a group class, our instructors do find the time and desire to reach out to every single student for an advice, a helping hand or a useful tweak into the way their training is going.  Their deep rooted knowledge of choreographic technique and movement is second to their natural gift of conveying the biblical principles for everybody to understand. Most instructors here have ministerial license and ordained from diverse liturgical backgrounds.


The classical experience

Our studio features the most effective apparatuses conducive to needs and our training adheres to the more contemporary system or order of exercises.

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